Coaching combined with intentional bodywork can help you calibrate and integrate to deeper levels of embodied understanding. 

Covid-19 Notice 

 In order to minimize the spread of Covid-19, all in-person sessions will be postponed until further notice. However, you are interested in intimacy and connection coaching, now is a wonderful time to begin the process! 

Virtual sessions add a dimension to connection that can be difficult to grasp in the in-person sessions. Most people are so excited by the experience of touch-work that it’s easy to breeze over the more subtle aspects of connection you are able to learn in the virtual sessions. Working with these techniques ahead of time paves the way for a deeper, more nuanced understanding of intimacy and connection. This can be especially helpful if you need support related to virtual dating. In addition, virtual sessions are more affordable, making them an economical alternative to the in-person sessions.  Message Joya to learn more. 

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