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Joy Rigel  (Joya)

Intimacy and Energy Coach

The future of evolution is now

It is my calling and passion to open up the portal of our minds and the garden of our bodies so that we may access our true purpose, limitless potential, and radiant bliss. 

I am a healer who uses touch and connection to illuminate the beauty and elemental truth that is the miracle of our being, expressed. Intimacy and energy are innately linked. Beyond sex and physicality, intimacy is the channel that allows us to connect with the deeper emotions and aspects of ourselves. It is an exchange of energy, and energies. It is not something we make happen. It is something we open to. How can we open to the spirit of the moment, and cultivate that energy together? What would our world look like if this was the basis of our interactions? As a fellow traveler devoted in service to unlocking the great mysteries, it is my intention and life's work to guide and partner in the peeling away of our cultural conditioning so we may enter into a space of authenticity and more deeply explore our human connection. 


My path for self discovery began to unfold at the age of 13, when a pivotal moment occurred. My aunt and uncle presented me Thich Naht Hanh's transformative book, The Miracle of Mindfulness. Soon after, my father, who had never shown much interest in mind-body exercises, was given a bedtime relaxation tape that included the practice of body scanning. He passed the tape along to me and after the first few minutes of listening I was astonished by the immediate impacts of this simple technique that profoundly impacted my body. These two seemingly coincidental occurrences were the catalysts that ignited the flame of my lifelong spiritual unfolding. 

In my late teen years, yoga and meditation greatly enhanced my exploration of mindfulness, embodiment and self discovery, but over time it began to become clear that the majority of spiritual practices in our culture work from a masculine set of awarenesses, and often lack a feminine sensibility. Prolonged stays in India and Thailand offered space to soften and develop my curiosity and femininity. It was here a new, feminine framework of receptivity, quality of attention and deep feeling awareness began to take shape.


I learned to navigate and decipher the landscapes of my own physical being. Observing sensations and releasing tension in myself helped me to move the blocked energy in myself and my partners and clients. Through this introspection, I discovered a profound connection between my body and mind, and the external world, realizing that they were intertwined aspects of my own being, each influencing the other in profound ways. Mindfulness was my guiding light and body scanning, my somatic compass. 

For the past 12 years I have partnered with my clients (and anyone who, like me, is passionate about connection) to explore and cultivate states of oneness and connection to the mystical realms of experience. As I've delved into this exploration of intimacy I have come to see how it intersects with spirituality. This has brought me to the belief that sexuality is the seed and seat of our soul and intrinsically tied to the root of our being. Intimacy creates a container in which deep healing, growth and self realization can take place. In a time when screens, social media, and AI have the potential to distance us from intimacy and genuine connections with ourselves and others, it becomes increasingly vital to nurture states of being that foster pleasure, comfort, and a profound sense of belonging in our bodies, minds, and the world around us.


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Joy is the founder of Qi Haus Foundation, Circles of Eden and Dance the New Dream, and the creator Kali Dance and Exploring Joy

Joy has over 25 years of experience in yoga, bhakti yoga, meditation and has training in mindfulness, tantra yoga, sacred sexuality, Tao Tantric Massage, Somatica Method, Alexander Technique, Positive IntelligenceISTA Level 1 , Urban Tantra and Art of Living.

Joy holds certifications in Somatica Sex and Relationship Coaching, Surrogate Partner Therapy,  Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga & Mystical Dance.


Tantra, Reiki, Sensual Mindfulness, Surrogate Partner Therapy, hypnosis, guided meditations, sound healing and intentional bodywork are some of the practices Joy uses to help men, women, couples and non-binary folks cultivate embodied presence, pleasure, passion and wholeness. These wisdoms offer foundational support in all the aspects of one's life, living, relationships and wellbeing.

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