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Surrogate Partner Therapy

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it." ~ Rumi

If you have experienced:

Sexual trauma

Inability to orgasm

Fear of Intimacy or Sex

Anxiety related to physical appearance, performance or stress

Premature ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation 

Erectile dysfunction

Pain associated with sex

Desensitization from porn and or vibrator overuse

Lack of libido as a result of childbirth, chronic pain and illness, or depression

Surrogate Partner Therapy can restore your vitality and help you build a nourishing connection to yourself and your body.  

Surrogate Partner Therapy is a is a triadic therapeutic model developed by Masters and Johnson - pioneers in the field of sexuality and sex therapy. Clients work in tandem with a surrogate and therapist in a holistic process of sexual healing and awakening.  Many people seek out Surrogate Partner Therapy if they feel they have blockages pertaining to intimacy and sexuality, but this unique process is a wonderful modality for all those who wish to explore and reveal a deeper understanding of sexual and emotional connection.  

Please message Joya to learn how Surrogate Partner Therapy can help support your healing and self-exploration. 

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