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I have known Joy Rigel personally and professionally for close to a decade. If I were to sum up her unique gifts it might be to say, she is able to truly access what connects us all when interacting with me and others. This capacity gives her a freedom to be with people and be with their pain and struggles, a freedom that is uncommon. In my experience, it is also the one thing, that space of human connecting without resistance, that allows other people to free themselves of their own patterns and connect themselves.

 My professional work in the world is similar in intent but is accessed through the intellect and conversations exclusively. I find the balance of Joy’s approach to be very complementary and profoundly needed in the world today. 

Most specifically, Joy helped me through the darkest days in my marriage, and I emerged from every conversation with her authentically grateful for the challenges I was having, which gave me an powerful ability to continue healing and progressing with my husband.  We joyfully celebrated our 30th anniversary last month.

 Finally, Joy is able to be grounded in the reality of day-to-day life that I also admire in Joy.  She is fun and real. That is an unusual balance.  Joy has a real handle on what she does, having honed her craft with clients and others for years. 

L. H. ~ Philadelphia


Joy has the capacity to help you understand yourself on a deeper level, if that is your intention in doing this work. Her work resides on the intersections between the thinking mind, the physical body, and the emotional self - and all the subtle interplays of energies that flow within. I have always had a difficult time getting my body, mind, and heart all synced up - talk therapy doesn’t do it, physical exercise is a prerequisite only, and yoga almost gets me there but there is always something missing, and Joy was able to help me locate what was missing and weave the energies together in a rather short period of time. I have aligned disconnected aspects of myself and my body feels whole, my mind clear, I am emotionally present and centered. That connection with self also grows the greater understanding of the capital “S” Self, the intimate place inside me that is connected to everything and everyone else in the world, and I see myself in real time as fearless, kind, and capable. Be ready for the world to react to your presence all the time the way it has in those times you can now recall when you were at your best. If that sounds ideal to you, also be sure to bring an intention related to true intimacy with either yourself or others in your life that would benefit from your personal growth, and show up and do the work. This work is not for the lazy, aimless, or lacking in awareness. 

Dan T ~ Lansdale, PA

When I began seeing Joy a couple years ago, it was initially to address issues my boyfriend and I were having. Joy’s support helped me to approach the discomfort I felt when it felt impossible to make sense of. That experience just scratched the surface of how I began to recognize the energetic systems within my life and how I engaged with them. 


Joy later helped my sister and I begin a compassionate path to better learn how to express ourselves in our relationship.  My sister and I had a traumatic and painful upbringing that still influences how we feel and communicate with each other.  We often get into explosive and hurtful arguments that make us quick to point fingers at what the other did to make a disagreement become so intense.  However, when I start feeling that intensity, I notice it in my physical body.  I now have this awareness of my body as it tries to process my heart feeling attacked because of Joy’s exercises. 


When emotions became heightened between my sister or I during our session with Joy, she made space for her and my sister to hold my vulnerability. Joy has a gift in making people feel held.  She was able to genuinely allow my sister and I to feel how vulnerable our hearts are to each other.  Since working with Joy, my sister and I take many more breaths and move with tenderness as we recall the moments we had in our session that exposed our defensive natures that were ultimately weakening our relationship. Joy taught me something that truly helps me catch my breath and notice when my nervous system is experiencing dysregulation.  In a world where we often think of how to “figure it out” or “how to fix it” – Joy has given me the tools to remember to feel and receive.

Leigh H.


What an amazing experience to work with Joy. My therapist recommended her. It took a lot to walk into her space but once there she held me for a moment so I could just let go so we could begin our session. Something happens when you truly trust someone. There’s an alchemy there that wants more opening, more touch, more connection. It was an extraordinary experience of trauma healing with few words spoken. So many Blessings to you Joy!!                                      


I’ve only done 2 sessions with Joy but now I can’t wait to get back to her. The 1st session we connected through the eyes and breathing til we were transported into another dimension. The last time we met I experienced her sacred touch method. It was the thing I needed most. I can still access that feeling days later.

Oscar ~ New York

From the first moment I met Joy, I knew everything would be all right. She has amazing energy. I have never felt so comfortable around another person as I have with her. I felt so lost before working with Joy, but she helped me discover my true self. Joy was incredible at leading me through this wonderful, challenging, and healing journey.

Patrick S ~ Philadelphia 

This has been new to me. I’ve always been curious but for some reason I could see in her photo something that finally motivated me to try this other world. I wasn’t disappointed. She’s beautiful inside and out. I shared stuff I would rarely do with anyone. IT REALLY FELT GOOD AND HEALING. I would highly recommend this Practitioner. Thanks Joy.


Where do I begin?! JOY’s touch informs the body in a way that feels like home but is somehow so new, novel and sensual. She’s a master.                   

Elliott ~ Philadelphia


I was shaking with anxiety,  so I reluctantly went to my session with Joy. I continued to question myself as I walked towards the door "Am I really going to do this? I slowly walked down the hall and Joy popped up from around the corner and it was as if anxiety completely left me. From this moment on,  Joy opened my mind and body to senses I never knew existed and a new journey began for me.  Joy taught me how to be present in the moment, how to be present without words, how to experience touch,  as if I've never experienced touch before.  Over the years of my life,  I had become numb to touch,  my mind was taught all the wrong things about touch. I discovered new ways to receive touch as well as reciprocate in a balanced connection to myself and Joy.  My mind had become tainted with what it's supposed to be, boy was I ever wrong. My struggle for intimacy was on a new journey and Joy was my teacher, coach, and mentor. Through Joy’s inspiration and wisdom I continue to discover hidden parts of me like a spring flower surrendering towards the morning sun. 

John L ~ Bucks County

My sessions with Joy were a slow transformative burn. I wanted results right away but she intuitively knew I first needed to create space so I could learn how to be in the present. She challenged my dogmas, pushing back on old programs and what showed up was a new understanding of sexuality I had never experienced. I take this gift back to my own world, excited and grateful. Thank you Joy!        

G ~ Main Line

My sessions with Joy have been such a treat and it has been so inspiring to work with her. Her vast knowledge of many different modalities and gentle disposition make our sessions both extremely informative and wildly experiential.  She is able to tap into the most subtle energies and creates a gentle space to fully show up for her clients. In working with her I’ve gained so much appreciation for engaging my senses in my relationships, with others and within different environments. After each session I feel more aware, present, and embodied. This work is unlike anything I’ve ever done, it’s potent and leaves me feeling grateful to be able to experience life. I’d highly recommend that anyone try a session with Joy. 

Mackenzie ~ Philadelphia

Authenticity trumps degrees. I wish I had seen Joy years ago. I can now engage with my partner in ways I didn’t know existed. A beautiful portal for our relationship. Why isn’t everyone doing this?

Franklin ~  New Jersey

She just gets it. From the moment you meet her you’re at ease. Being an energy worker myself, I am familiar with this field, I still found Joy to be this out of the box truly unique healer. She is a rare instrument sounding notes I’ve never heard and felt before.

                                                                                Bas ~ Brooklyn NY

Joy was a dream. She welcomed me with warmth and radiance into her space. Introducing an energy of caring and tenderness, I melted into her hands as she explored the tensions in me, some of which I didn't even know I had. She knows. She understands. And she transformed me by energizing my inner spiritual core and awakening it. She gave me life. I went in needing help, feeling closed up and a bit nervous and walked out feeling relaxed and more whole for the first time in a long time. She is amazing. 

John A ~ Philadelphia

I wanted to share with you why I first saw Joy for energy work- I was going to another practitioner and I told her she was the best and she said but you don’t have any point of reference. So I saw Joy to get one. What I experienced was beyond my expectations. I came with an empty container and left with a full one. One session turned into multiple and I continue to see Joy. There has never been any sessions that were the same and none we trying to outdo the other but it was all natural and beautiful at the same time. I would end up feeling the energy for days afterwards.  I felt a new sense of energy after every time with her. The beginning is the same but different and the whole time we let the energy end up where it needed to be. I would recommend the experience and plan on not just coming to one but you’ll definitely need repeats! All you need to do is come without any expectations. Let the energy be the guide. 

MB ~ Harrisburg PA

Joy is an amazing lightworker. Before I started seeing her almost 10 years ago I felt that my spiritual energies were clouded and blocked. The first time I saw Joy I knew she was different and just "got" what was wrong with me and even better, knew how to fix it.

Joy is an incredible empath and I truly consider her a friend outside of our work together. She can hold a safe and nurturing space with no judgement.  She can get to the root cause of what is bothering me even when I don't sometimes know that myself and best of all she is always a beautiful person, inside and out..

Joy is the simply the best at what she does and that cannot be understated.

Chris E.

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