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Intimacy Coaching

Intimacy Coaching

For singles or couples, intimacy coaching can help you understand physical, emotional and the "energy" of connection. 

Many people don’t get to experience deep, intimate connections unless they are lucky enough to stumble upon them. For some, that fire of passion that was once present has faded into the comfort of "couple-hood," or has been traded for the stress of the daily grind. Intimacy fades or fails to take root because most of us were never given tools to cultivate connection. Intimacy and passion can be sparked and nourished no matter what the current state of your relationship or level of understanding.  If you would like to learn how to connect more deeply and passionately, message Joy to learn more.  

Sensuality & Embodiment Coaching

How would you like to experience your body? How are you experiencing your body right now? When we deepen our connection with our bodies, we deepen our ability to to feel pleasure and what the ancient Hindu texts refer to as Ojas ~ the nectar of life.  This wisdom, as embodied understanding, reveals the sensual nature within.  The mindsets and awarenesses you will cultivate in Embodiment and Sensuality Coaching will help wake up parts of your body that may feel sluggish, invisible or disempowered, and help you learn to align to pleasurable and empowered states of being.  This wisdom supports all the aspects of your life, relationships and wellbeing and is a must if you are an energetic or empath or someone who is experiencing chronic pain or illness.  For men and women.  Please message Joy to learn more.  


Intentional Touch

Come home to yourself  

As technology and our world speeds up, so do our internal processes.  If you are feeling anxious, unsettled or uncentered, or if you are experiencing chronic pain or illness, intentional touch sessions can help bring balance and restore a sense of harmony in your body and state of being.  

 "I feel your touch is calling me home."

"I feel like I can think straight again."

Each session is unique and tailored to meet the needs of each individual.  Message Joy to set up a consultation and learn how intentional touch can support your wellbeing enhance your connection to life. 

Some words from Joy's clients ~ 

"The world feels crazy, and you help me stay sane."

Intentional Toch
Love, well made, can lead to liberation. ~ The Mahabharata
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