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Meditation & Mindfulness Coaching

Many meditation and mindfulness teachings are inspired by masculine sets of awarenesses, and lack a feminine understanding. I balance the mind oriented focuses associated with traditional meditation with subtle aspects of sensuality and embodied awareness.  If you are new to meditation or if you would like to enhance your current practice, meditation and sensual mindfulness coaching can facilitate your path.  These practices support all the aspects of your life, relationships and wellbeing.  Please message Joya to learn more.

Mindfulness Coaching
Coaching / Rewiring

Step Outside Yourself ~ Mindful Rewiring

Consider for a moment that your personality of today is not really who you "are." This persona was developed over time by your mind and pieced together from lifetime of both conscious and unconscious thoughts running in the back and foreground of your mind-scape. These thoughts, coupled with your feelings, have determined your current “Self,” and make for an extremely powerful “program” that determines how you experience life.  


Imagine now, that this program could be altered - that your current Self could be upgraded to help you move through the moments of your life in which need some extra support.  Step Outside Yourself is a coaching program designed to help you experience and identify yourself in a new way. Message Joya if you would  like to learn more about this training.  


All matter is determined by energy.  Chinese medicine refers to this energy that flows through all things, as Qi (chi.) In Ayurveda, this ‘force of life’ is called Prana.  Dis-ease, discontent and general feelings of malaise are symptoms related to energy being out of ‘place.’ Reiki is a way to tap into the energy field and bring balance and harmony back to your flow.  If you have questions about how reiki support your wellbeing, message Joya to learn more.


Energy Coaching

Many people are waking up to subtle, energetic realms of being.  This can be exhilarating on one hand, but it can also be destabilizing and confusing.  If you would like to develop or cultivate your energetic awarenesses, or if you would like help learning how to manage and balance these states of being, message Joya to see what course will support you.  Coupled with intentional Touch, this can be especially helpful for those experiencing chronic pain or Fibromyalgia.  

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